Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

Eco Living

The aspiration of Parito is to nurture the well-being of land and people.

This aspiration is lived at Parito with these facets of sustainable living:

  • Application of organic Permaculture principles is used to produce organically grown food and nurture the land generally
  • Recycled and/or eco-sourced materials used in building and day to day life
  • House designed to maximise passive solar heating
  • Solar power and solar hot water system
  • Wind power to complement solar power system
  • Vermiculture waste system handles all the organic household waste
  • Plant-based cleaning materials
  • Winter time use of fire for cooking and water heating and clothes drying
  • Zero-waste aspiration. 

Permaculture in action


Solar panels



Wind generator


A field of native plants which absorbs the last of the filtered
waste water before it is released to the atmosphere
through the leaves of the plants


Nautilus shell

Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

+64 (07) 825 8993

1574 Whaanga Road, RD2 Ruapuke, Raglan, New Zealand

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