Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

Mindful Sustainable Living


Parito offers the space to deepen awareness of Self through the practice of the Yoga of Action or Karma Yoga.


The Mindful Sustainable Retreat  option allows participants to bring the deepening awareness that develops in the practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation into the rest of their lives.  This allows one to begin to transform from old instinctive patterns to mindfulness, consciously choosing the attitude with which we act.


Participants are invited to discover the joy of being completely in the present moment through the practice of karma yoga.   Join the heart and hands seva (or service) rhythm of Parito, expanding awareness from repetitive engagement with problems of life, to becoming increasingly connected to the aspiration of Parito (well-being of all).  See how this can transform the rest of your life.


In the Mindful Sustainable Retreat, participants practice 3 hours of Karma Yoga each day.  Other parts of the day can be used for integration of learning; choosing activities below or taking time for yourself.  The yoga of action also allows participants to learn how to live in a mindful as well as sustainable way, with practice in the organic gardens, contributing to care of Mother Earth.  This option allows one to contribute, (with guidance as needed), to the daily life of Parito, supporting our aspiration to nurture well-being of people and land.


In exchange for instruction in yoga, meditation and sustainable living, all meals and accommodation, contribution to the work of Parito can be made as per the guide in the Homestay Accommodation schedule.  Includes accommodation in same gender shared room, own bed (cosy bedding, linen, towels etc); use of shared bathroom/s; all meals (organic vegetarian) provided; daily instruction and practice in yoga and meditation (morning yoga class, midday deep relaxation and evening meditation) provided; daily instruction and practice in mindful sustainable living including 3 hours of karma yoga daily (living yoga in action) each day.



$NZ180 per person per night or $650 for 5 nights

Koha options available for Community Service card holders 



General Daily Rhythm for Mindful Living Option

Three hours of Karma Yoga in addition to daily morning yoga and meditation class.

Be free to join the rest of the daily rhythm at Parito and take time to integrate mindful sustainable practices you are learning, and add your joy and love to the environment at Parito or choose some activities from the list below. 



Other activities you may wish to choose during free time:

  • Take time to enjoy the natural surroundings of Parito
  • Keep a journal of what you are learning and your responses
  • Walk to the beach and enjoy the ocean
  • Complete rest
  • Catch the right tide and walk to the pink balloon cave
  • Tramp the track over Mt Karioi (pick up and drop of charges apply)
  • Receive therapeutic massage; (extra cost - NZ$120 applies)
  • Practice more karma yoga
  • Surfing (for experienced surfers with their own boards)
  • Guided horse riding (in season - charges apply - see Wildcoast website)
  • Arrange an extra yoga class related to your particular needs (Extra charge)

Contact Jenny on +64 (07) 825 8993 if you wish to organise a Retreat. 


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Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

+64 (07) 825 8993

1574 Whaanga Road, RD2 Ruapuke, Raglan, New Zealand

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