Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

Hatha Yoga of balance and harmony in life:


Swami NiranjananandaThis is the approach to yoga that is applied at Parito Yoga Retreat.


Yoga is an ancient body of knowledge and wisdom.  The practices help manage and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our daily lives. Hatha includes, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti yoga as well as other branches.


The range of practices include postures, breath awareness, deep relaxation, cleansing techniques and meditation.  Each class offers an integrated experience of these practices at different levels according to individual needs.  Regular yoga practice is effective both as a management tool for many aspects of physical, emotional and mental health and importantly, it provides a map for the spiritual journey which is life's essence.


The yoga offered by teachers at Parito has been referred to as Yoga of Head, Heart and Hands.  Through integration of knowledge, emotions and service, full potential unfolds itself.  This yoga provides a practical framework to help our lives to be lived to the full.


The teachers of Yoga at Parito Yoga Retreat have accreditation as Hatha Yoga teachers and are connected to the ancient tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga in India.  


Atmavidya who is the main teacher at Parito Yoga Retreat  acknowleges the great tradtion of yoga and all the teachers who have provided inspiration and light on this beautiful path of yoga, including Swamiji Niranjanananda and his teacher Swami Satyananda and his teacher Swami Sivananda for inspiration and Light.


We offer a variety of yoga retreats , as well as classes at Parito and in other locations.  These all cater for a wide range of experience and abilities.  


Contact on +64 (07) 825 8993 if you wish to organise a Retreat. 



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Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

+64 (07) 825 8993

1574 Whaanga Road, RD2 Ruapuke, Raglan, New Zealand

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