Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

Therapeutic Massage

Generally we are able to offer the De Mousgraffe technique pioneered by Margaret Nisbet (of the Waikato), including:

  • deep tissue massage
  • accupressure
  • lymphatic drainage
  • aromatherapy

This is used to facilitate re-balancing of the natural harmony, rhythm and vitality of the whole being.

These techniques can help to:

  • release tension in muscle tissue and through joints
  • balance and align energy and cellular polarity
  • restore balance in physical , mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Cost is $130 for an hour and a half, or $90 for one hour by prior arrangement.  


If it is not possible for the massage to be given at Parito, we will arrange a therapy with a therapist in Raglan for you.


Contact Jenny on +64 (07) 825 8993 if you wish to organise a Retreat. 


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Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

+64 (07) 825 8993

1574 Whaanga Road, RD2 Ruapuke, Raglan, New Zealand

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