Parito Coastal Yoga Retreat

Yoga & Meditation Classes for well-being of body, mind, and spirit

Classes while you stay at Parito:

While you stay at Parito, a morning yoga class will available for you each day.  This class will be designed specifically to meet your needs.  There is also a daily midday deep relaxation session and an evening meditation with instruction available. Extra classes by arrangement.


Yoga and meditation classes that reflect the needs of the participating individuals are offered each day at Parito and at other venues.  Classes are suitable for all body types, levels of mobility and ages, from beginners to experienced practitioners.  Alongside the many physical and mental benefits, yoga will help with management of stress and allow development of better sleep patterns and increased sense of harmony, inner peace and joy. 


Yoga Asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and Meditation/Relaxation classes


General Yoga and Meditation Class (includes postures, breathing and meditation or deep relaxation) Wednesdays during the terms, 7.00-8.30pm, at Parito.  All are welcome to join this class.


Nada Yoga Classes

The yoga of sound is practiced with awareness in particular parts of the body to bring these parts into balance and harmony with one another.  Swara sadhana and nada yoga practices are used in this class to


  • expand connectedness with the inner voice;
  • expand clarity and resonance of all expression through the voice;
  • sing your heart open.


Some guidance with kirtan singing and playing is also given in this class. 


Bring your instrument (including your voice, harmonium/guitar or other instrument) with you.


Wednesdays 6.00pm-7.00pm, term times at Parito.  All are welcome to join this class. 


Mantra Meditation and Kirtan 


Sing the Heart open with Kirtan on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6.30pm at Parito.  Come earlier for dinner and stay for meditation afterwards if you wish (by koha).  Please ring us to let us know you are joining.


Healing Mantra for well-being, peace and prosperity


Saturday evenings 4.30pm.  Practiced with havan at Parito and stay for dinner (by koha).  Please ring us to let us know you are joining.


Joining Yoga Classes at Parito:

You are welcome to join:

  • Early Morning Yoga and Meditation class (6.30am) and breakfast (contribution $20 per person)

  • Midday Deep Relaxation (12.00pm) and lunch at Parito (contribution $15 per person)

  • evening meal 5.30pm and evening Meditation class  at 7.30pm (contribution $15 per person)

  • Kirtan on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6.30pm (by koha) 

  • Healing mantra for well-being, peace and prosperity for all on Saturday evenings and stay for dinner (koha).


   Please arrange a space for yourself for any of these by contacting us at Parito.


Special Yoga Classes at Parito:

We can arrange a special weekend or week day yoga or meditation or nada yoga class for you if this is needed. (Contribution: $20 per person for two or more people or $70 for 90 minute private class/session).  Please arrange by contacting us at Parito.


Satyandanda Yoga and Kirtan (Affiliated) in Auckland

Manipura Yoga Centre has a range of classes available throughout the week.  For the schedule, visit the website at


Satyandanda Yoga (Accredited) in Auckland

For all levels in Titirangi and Onehunga contact:

mobile:  021 172 6348 


Satyandanda Yoga (Affiliated and Accredited) in Wellington

Kalpa Taru Centre has a range of classes available throughout the week for all levels in Wellington and Lower Hutt. For the schedule, visit the website or contact Adhyatma:

mobile:  021 054 8756


Satyandanda Yoga and Kirtan (Affiliated) in the South Island  

*  Vishuddhi Yoga Centre (

*  Anahata Residential Retreat Centre in Nelson





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